This site is being written and maintained by Bruce David Janu.  It is a work in progress. Bruce is a social science teacher at Elk Grove High School, located in suburban Chicago.  A firm believer in incorporating the humanities in social science curricula, he has created this site as a means to introduce students, especially A.P. students, to the history of art.  The contents of this website and its activities are provided as a means to introduce students to the world of art and to enhance the understanding of history.

In addition to this site, Bruce has written many articles for Illinois History Teacher.  He has also written several lesson plan books, including Bring Out Your Dead: Recreating the Black Death in the Classroom, Mouldering in the Grave: A Dramatic Approach to Teaching about John Brown and The Constitution: A Cooperative Learning Approach.

In 2007, Bruce released his first documentary, Facing Sudan, about the situation in that war-torn nation. On the festival circuit, it received two Best Documentary awards.  A follow-up, Crayons and Paper was released in 2009.  Of course, he has provided free lesson plans for each.

When he is not teaching or working on this site, Bruce runs an online radio station called The Vinyl Voyage and is also attempting to complete his first novel, a historical look at the summer of 1917 called Lilac Wine.

More information can be found at Bell, Book and Camera Productions.

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